Billie Eilish accused of "stealing" her debut single Ocean Eyes from Diamond White

31 August 2021, 12:14

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By Sam Prance

Diamond White has called out Billie Eilish over the similarities between 'Ocean Eyes' and her 2013 song 'Fire Fighter'.

Singer and actress Diamond White has accused Billie Eilish of copying her 2013 song 'Fire Fighter' with her hit 'Ocean Eyes'.

Fans of Billie Eilish will already know that 'Ocean Eyes' is the first song the 19-year-old ever released. In 2015, Billie and her brother Finneas, who wrote and produced the song, uploaded 'Ocean Eyes' to SoundCloud and it quickly went viral. Billie later put it out as an official single on November 18th 2016 and included it on her multi-platinum Don't Smile at Me EP.

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However, now Billie and Finneas are being criticised over the similarities between 'Ocean Eyes' and a Diamond White song.

Compare 'Ocean Eyes' and 'Fire Fighter' below.

Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes (Official Music Video)

Over the weekend (Aug 28), Diamond White, who first rose to fame on The X Factor USA back in 2012, tweeted: "Wait y’all I just found out that SOME THINGS in ocean eyes by Billie was allegedly stolen from a 13-14 year old me. receipts later….." Diamond then tweeted a snippet of a song of hers called 'Fire Fighter', that she wrote in 2013, with the same melody.

Diamond then uploaded another clip that sounds similar to 'Ocean Eyes' and tweeted: "I literally love Billie and I don’t even know for sure It could just be a bunch of coincidences. Im going back to sleep".

Some Billie fans then began accusing Diamond of lying. One person tweeted: "so you titled a voice note with "2013" in hopes of us believing that it's from back then? girl bye".

However, a Diamond fan was quick to point out that there's actual video footage online of Diamond performing 'Fire Fighter' in 2013.

As it stands, neither Billie nor Finneas are yet to comment on the comparisons. We shall update you if they do.

What do you think? Do the songs sound similar?