Billie Eilish sparks hilarious viral debate over what colour her shoes are

19 October 2020, 11:29 | Updated: 19 October 2020, 11:50

No one can tell what colour Billie Eilish’s trainers are

By Sam Prance

People are struggling to decipher if Billie Eilish's shoes are pink and white or mint green and white.

Billie Eilish is breaking the internet and it's all because people cannot tell if her shoes are pink and white or green and white.

This isn't the first time that the colour of an item of clothing has divided the internet. Back in 2015, 'the dress' went viral with people arguing over whether it was black and blue or white and gold. It turns out that the real dress was black and blue but, despite a lot of scientific research, it's still unclear exactly why it looked white and gold to some people in the viral photo.

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Now, we have another iteration of 'the dress' on our hands. Billie Eilish has a pair of trainers that are splitting the internet.

What colour are Billie Eilish's shoes?

Billie Eilish shoes: Are they pink and white or green and white?
Billie Eilish shoes: Are they pink and white or green and white? Picture: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images, @billieeilish via Instagram

Yesterday (Oct 19), Billie Eilish took to her Instagram stories to show fans a pair of her old shoes. She revealed: "Years ago, I was wearing these shoes and my dad was like: 'Wow those shoes are so cool... What are those, like pink and white?' Pink and white?!" Despite Billie's shock though, fans commented that they also thought that the shoes were pink and white.

Billie then posted another story writing: "not you guys saying they're pink & white too". She continued by posting a photo of the Nike Air Impacts on Google, which states they are "Mint White", with the caption: "no cuz y'all are going to hell..." She then showed her shoes again saying: "I don't know what happened to you guys in your childhoods but pink and white?!"

Billie also wrote: "THEY DON'T EVEN MAKE PINK AND WHITE PLEASE SUCK MY DICK" in a separate story. However, she showed them to her mum and her mum said, "I see green now but this still looks pink. That's not a white white, it's a pink white." In other words, there is a third option: green and pink.

Billie then placed the shoes next to a pair of pink and white shoes to proves that they are green and white.

What colour are Billie Eilish's shoes?
What colour are Billie Eilish's shoes? Picture: @billieeilish via Instagram

Of course, it is true that the trainers are technically green and white. As Billie said, they were never made in pink and white. However, due to a mixture of discolouration and camera angles, it's understandable why people are seeing pink and white and green and pink.

What colour do you see?