The New Blink 182 Album: 7 Burning Questions We Need Answered Now

10 December 2015, 12:40 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Just a few small things...

Travis Barker posted an instagram comment about his schedule for 2016 and a new Blink album was very much front and centre.

Travis Barker comment

So it's definitely happening - a new Blink record, albeit with an adjusted lineup. But while we wait for it's arrival, we have just a few quick questions about what we can expect...

1) Will Mark take lead vocals?

Matt Skiba has already been performing with the band a while now and has filled in Tom's existing vocal parts. But what of the new material? Will Mark take the lead to create a level of familiarity or will Matt be fully brought in to take on the position of co-frontman now left vacant?

2) Will they address the Tom shaped elephant in the room?

tom delonge

Surely they have to write a song about all the drama right? The fans have been following it religiously and to not comment at all would just seem odd. Mark's friends in McBusted covered their own breakdown in great detail on "What Happened To Your Band" and it ended up being the highlight of that criminally under-loved album. A full confessional track could be just the thing to give the fans some closure and help with the transition into Blink 2.0.

3) Which version of Blink will we get?

blink 182

The last two albums have had a more mature, almost Pearl Jam-like edge to them and, while this has certainly been successful, we do quite long for a return to their immature Enema Of The State days. Given the recent resurgence of pop punk acts like New Found Glory and Sum 41, both of whom are heavily indebted to the groundwork set by that album, maybe now is the time to revisit their silly side.

4) Will they tour?

Blink-182 at Leeds Festival 2014

Obvious one this. Blink shows have got rarer than Pepe in the last few years so a full tour with the new lineup would appease a lot of starving fans.

5) What's happening with Alkaline Trio?

Matt Skiba was as good a choice of replacement as any given his already well-established pop punk credentials. However, we hope he is able to split his time between the two bands as it would be a great shame to see the Trio go on any kind of enforced hiatus. Given the huge amount of extra projects Travis seems to have going on, we are sure this wouldn't be too great a problem.

6) Will there be any special guests?

Billie Joe Armstrong Green Day

This reboot of the band would be the perfect time to roll out a few famous friends for moral and musical support. Remember when Blink helped give Green Day a second commercial life by bringing them on as co-headliners for the Pop Disaster Tour? Well now might just be the time to return the favour.

7) Will the videos be funny again?

They completely skewed '90s boybands, ran naked through the street and ran riot at a water park. Time to have fun again guys!

Are you excited for Blink's next step? Let us know.