Dylan Sprouse Is In Camila Cabello's 'Consequences' Video But There's A HUGE Twist

9 October 2018, 11:42 | Updated: 10 October 2018, 16:16

By Sam Prance

This is incredible...

Camila Cabello is killing it right now. First things first, she landed her first US Number 1 single with 'Havana' back in January, then she topped charts around the world with her self-titled debut album, Camila and, ever since, she's been dominating radio with hits including 'Never Be the Same' and 'Sangria Wine'. Oh, and she won Video of the Year at the VMAs. It's safe to say that Camila's solo career is thriving.

That's not all though. The 'Bad Things' hitmaker performed a stunning orchestral version of her new single 'Consequences' at the American Music Awards last night and she's just put out the song's music video. Not only that, but it features a very famous actor. After heating things up with Noah Centineo in 'Havana', Camila is now acting alongside the one and only Dylan Sprouse in her latest video.

Camila Cabello & Dylan Sprouse
Camila Cabello & Dylan Sprouse. Picture: YouTube // Instagram

Fans speculated that Camila might be making a new video for 'Consequences' with Dylan back in August when she shared a photo with the former Disney star on Instagram. Now Camila's confirmed that the rumours are true. Taking to Twitter, she posted a clip of the visual on Monday with the caption: "the ['Consequences'] video with my friend @dylansprouse comes out on Wednesday". Dylan then retweeted the snippet writing: "IT IS WEDNESDAY MY DUDES".

The video is out now and it's early days but we think that it could be Camila's best yet. In it, Dylan plays Camila's love interest and there is a massive twist. It looks like Dylan was Camila's lover and they either broke-up or he died and in the visual Camila is either reminiscing on times with Dylan or connecting with his ghost. OUR HEARTS!!!

Watch the stunning 'Consequences' video here.

Camila Cabello - Consequences (orchestra)


The transition between seasons, the acting, the passion - we are in total awe.

Fans are already tweeting that the music video is giving them "Peter Pan and Wendy vibes" and that it "screams disney" and we couldn't agree more. Camila also wrote that it's the video that she's "proudest of so far".

Now if you don't mind us we're going to go watch this on repeat and cry.