An influencer Photoshopped Cardi B to look thinner and fans are outraged

28 February 2019, 14:30

Cardi B at the 2018 Grammys/with Dan Bilzerian
People think Cardi B was Photoshopped to look thinner. Picture: Getty/@danbilzerian
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Um, weird flex but ok.

When Cardi B posted that she had been partying with Dan Bilzerian everyone was pretty stunned. But after he seemingly Photoshopped her body in one of his photos whilst she was just minding her business, people really started to drag him.

If you haven't heard of Bilzerian, listen up. He's a professional poker player whose known for living a lavish lifestyle filled with private yachts, exotic locations and lotssss of women. He's constantly surrounded by semi-naked girls, and because of that he's amassed a huge following – 26.1 million on Instagram, to be exact – mainly of men thirsting for his lifestyle.

Anyway, somehow he hooked up with Cardi after she headlined at his Valentine's Day Angels and Devils themed bash, and he posted a photo of her. In it, the "Please Me" rapper was leaning on a chair, wearing a black bodysuit, while Bilzerian stood next to her in a white t-shirt, red shorts and a hat. Innocent enough, so far.

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They can’t tell us how to act @iamcardib @ignite

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But then Cardi B shared her own version of a snap from the night – and hers was noticeably different. It appears Bilzerian had slimmed Cardi's stomach, made her boobs fuller and rounded her bum.

He also edited the stomach and booty of the girl in the background and even shamelessly changed the TV to show the logo of his marijuana company Ignite, instead of the TV show which was on in Cardi's photo – bizarre behaviour. And strangely, Bilzerian had all the time in the world to trim down the ladies in the photo but couldn't even edit out the suspicious wet stain on his own t-shirt...


"Yeah, But Still" podcast host Jack Wagner then brought the editing to everyone's attention, posting a video flashing between Cardi's photo and Dan's image. Of course, it wasn't long before it blew up on Twitter and even Marina Diamandis spoke out after a designer did the same to her.

Was this really necessary? Not only is it a little creepy, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the photo Cardi posted. This just highlighted how Bilzerian is, sadly, so obsessed with perfection, which ultimately doesn't exist. That, or he's just a bit of a creep.