Cardi B hits back over accusations of transphobia and homophobia

2 October 2019, 19:38


By PopBuzz

Cardi B posted a lengthy Twitter rebuttal this week after being accused of transphobia and homophobia.

Cardi B has publicly addressed accusations of transphobia and homophobia once more. Yesterday (Oct.1), in a series of now-deleted posts, the 'I Like It' singer responded to tweets that accused her of being transphobic and only supporting people in the LGBTQ+ community because she 'needs' them to style her. Cardi denied being homophobic, saying that she considers herself a part of the LGBTQ+ community.

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“I’m not transphobic. Ya love dragging that. Have I said some remarks in the past that I apologized for YES I’m from a place that people have closed mindsets so we might not know what insults other or not I never disrespected no trans nor nobody from LGBT,” the rapper tweeted.

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Last year, fans called Cardi out after a transphobic meme was posted on her official Facebook page. At the time she denied that she'd made the posts herself. Prior to that, Cardi apologised for her use of the 'T' slur, explaining that she wasn't aware that it was offensive to use.

When another Twitter user claimed Cardi only supported the LGBTQ+ community because she 'needs' them for styling, Cardi clapped back.

“B–tch my sister is gay! My best friends are gay butch women I’m a whole bisexual so wtf are you talking,” Cardi responded. Cardi has spoken in the past about being attracted to women, revealing last year that she'd had many 'experiences with other women'.

Cardi soon deleted the tweets but plenty of people had already captured the screenshots.

Cardi has also previously defended her husband Offset over accusations of homophobia. In a controversial lyric from "Boss Life" with YFN Lucci, Offset declared "I do not vibe with queers". Offset was criticised for the lyric, causing Cardi to defend him.

"I'm not gonna let somebody call him homophobic when I know that he's not," Cardi said at the time.

"I'm saying this because I see him around gays, and he treats them with the same respect he treats everybody. He never acts uncomfortable, and he just don't care."

Cardi is currently attending fashion week in Europe where she sparked even more controversy after wearing a niqab in France, where Muslim women are banned from wearing the religious covering.