9 Universal Stages Of A Relationship, As Told By Fall Out Boy

20 November 2015, 12:52 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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By Victoria Pavlova

We've all been there.

FOB are notorious for their... how do we put this... eccentric lyrics. Ok, let's be honest, they're f**ing weird. But did you know that their songs also serve as perfect relationship anthems? True story. Here's what we mean. 

1. When you first get that crush.

Fall Out Boy Lyrics 1

And you're Edward Cullen levels of obsessive.

2. When you finally tell them what's what.

Fall Out Boy 9

'Cause low-key stalking just isn't an option anymore.

3. Prepping for that first date.

Fall Out Boy Lyrics 3

Everything must be right for bae

4. On that "new relationship" high.

Fall Out Boy 4

High-fiving a million angels rn.

5. When you're really into them, but they ask for a piece of your pizza.

Fall Out Boy 5

It's called *personal* for a reason!!!

6. When you realise it's just not gonna work out.

Fall Out Boy 6

I'm sorry, but I'm not *that* sorry tbh.

7. When you just gotta break up.

Fall Out Boy 7

Denial is the first stage of grief, boo.

8. When you say you're over them.

Fall Out Boy 8

But you still stalk their Twitter on the DL.

9. When you're actually over them.

Fall Out Boy 9

The world ain't even ready for your single sass.


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