FOB Released 'Champion' But Only In The US & We Honestly Cannot Cope Right Now

22 June 2017, 10:48 | Updated: 22 June 2017, 14:36

fall out boy champion uk release
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Sorry UK - we ain't getting this one for a few more hours. Why must you keep us waiting Pete? Why?!?

Fall Out Boy have been teasing us for ages about a second single from their upcoming album MANIA, finally confirming this week that it is called 'Champion' and would drop today (June 22nd).

Well, here we are in London on a sunny Thursday morning and sadly our Spotify homepage looks a bit like this:


Not ideal really.

Yes sadly, while the track has debuted on US platforms, many international fans are still waiting impatiently for FOB's latest banger to appear. And they ain't too happy about it.





Seriously Pete, help a dude out would ya?

But, hey at least we aren't alone - our Aussie friends appear to be having the exact same problem:


Of course, for any fans in a similar position to us right now, there are many highly illegal versions swimming around the darkest edges of the web but, my pop punk loving friends, do not be tempted - they will be crappy quality and the boys won't make cash off it. How is Patrick supposed to afford all those fancy hats if you don't use official streaming sites?

No, sadly we will just have to wait FOB-less until at least midnight. But, as the lyrics go, "if I can get through this, I can do anything!"

Pass the cereal, it's gonna be a while.

Fall Out Boy

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