This Fall Out Boy 'MANIA' Lyric Was Taken From A Friend's Wedding Vows

26 January 2018, 11:55 | Updated: 26 January 2018, 11:57

Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy. Picture: Island/Reddit

By James Wilson-Taylor

Fans went searching online for the story behind a mysterious credit found in the album's liner notes.

Fall Out Boy dropped their (very good) seventh album MANIA earlier this month and fans have been going wild analysing every lyric and video reference online.

But one interesting detail can actually be found in the album's credits, with the following line appearing in the accompanying CD booklet:

"Additional thanks to DJ Rose and Rose family for letting us use their vows..."

Now, what does that mean?

Well, luckily one fan, Reddit user TapDatApp, went digging and tracked down djrosedna, a tattoo artist based out of NYC, on Instagram and sent him a DM to see what happened.

Luckily, he responded:

djrosedna, Instagram
djrosedna, Instagram. Picture: Reddit

So, turns out Pete took the line 'Til the earth starts to crumble and the heavens roll away' from Dj Rose's wedding vows and used it in the album's closing song 'Bishop's Knife Trick':

Fall Out Boy - Bishop's Knife Trick [Lyrics]

DJ Rose had adapted a bible verse and Pete was clearly particularly taken with the sentiment.

Fall Out Boy are set to return to the UK in March for their MANIA arena tour.

You can watch our recent interview with Patrick and Joe about the album in the video below: