Pop Punk Faves As Pixar Characters Need To Exist Right Now

7 December 2015, 13:32 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

They both make you cry...

We've created pop punk pokemon. We've done your faves as Star Wars characters. There's only one thing for it - time to match up your Pixar favourites with your pop punk heroes. Because the internet.

1) Pete Wentz is Buzz Lightyear

pete wentz buzz

Same chin.

2) Patrick Stump is Woody

patrick woody

Big hat fans.

3) Hayley Williams is Joy

Hayley williams joy

Works as a stand alone statement too.

4) Twenty One Pilots are Mike and Sully

Twenty one pilots, pixar

As usual, they cannot be split up (also technically not pop punk but this comparison just worked too well to leave out).

5) Gerard Way is Wall-E

Gerard way wall e

The original Hesitant Alien. 

6) Mark Hoppus is Remy

mark hoppus remy

Would steal your food. 

7) Billie Joe is Carl

billie carl

An old soul at heart.

8) Brendon Urie is Mr Incredible

brendon urie incred


9) Tom DeLonge is Sadness

tom delonge sad

Cheer the f*ck up!

Add your own in below!


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