17 Times Halsey Was Us And We Were Halsey

30 September 2015, 15:59 | Updated: 27 December 2019, 15:19

By Alim Kheraj

Because we are all the new Americana.

Last night we had a dream that we were Halsey and it was a magical, beautiful and a truly wild experience. 

When we woke up we were completely devastated that we weren't in fact Halsey. However, we could still feel her power burning through us and it got us thinking that, while we might not literally embody Halsey, she is us and we are her...

1) When she understood these Oreo woes and we understood these Oreo woes. 

2) When she made this face and we made this face.

3) When she said this about Kanye and we also thought this about Kanye.

4) When she was resourceful when it came to picking up new underwear and we released that we could be more resourceful, too.

5) When she looked through these clothes and couldn't find something to wear, which is US EVERYDAY.

6) When she tweeted this and we realised that we also find decisions hard.

7) When she understood this struggle as much as we do.

8) When she kissed this fan and we realised that aren't we all just fans of someone waiting to be kissed?

9) When she stated that the 90s were the best because, duh!

10) When she said this and we released that it's the purest way to live your life and it's what we should say. 

11) When she tweeted about our Spotify playlist...

12) Or how about when she summed up OUR ENTIRE LIVES.

13) When she did this in the "New Americana" video and we realised that this is us in our rooms trying to read/finding the best selfie light.

14) When she got dragged around in the "New Americana" video and we realised that this was us every morning.

15) That time she licked the microphone lead and we realised that this was us but when we have ice cream.

16) When she tweeted this and we realised that this is our actual life mantra.

17) Finally, when she released the "New Americana" video and we knew that we had a place and that place was with/being Halsey.