These Halsey Fan Dance Videos Will Have You Seeing Colours

2 February 2016, 13:05 | Updated: 27 December 2019, 15:16

By Victoria Pavlova

*sashays straight into a wall*

Last week we brought you a round up of our fave dance videos by the TØP fandom and this week, we're continuing the series with another fave, Halsey. Her music has the added benefit of practically being made for moody interpretive dancing. We had a pretty tough time picking out of the wealth of videos out there, but in the end we went with: 

1) Stephanie Ramirez's "Gasoline" choreo was so smooth and flowy, we thought even we could do it. We were wrong.

2) Bianca Cordova's choreo has that home video vibe that we love. Hint: the best bit starts at 0:51.

3) D Lock's rendition of "Castle" made us officially give up. Unable to even.

3) "Gasoline" is clearly the people's favourite and we couldn't skip Celine Chai's awesome version.

5) Sarah Heaphy's pirouettes to the tune of "Is There Somewhere" give us life.

6) Oh yeah, and then there's Rui Carlo's version, which basically killed us.

7) Kirsty Dark's "Drive" choreo was so delicate, we literally floated away. LITERALLY.

8) The STEP dancers have this "Ghost" performance on lock. Full version, please and thank you.

9) Makayla Ross killing the game with this "Ghost" video. Look at that timing!

10)@ Brooke Brady how do you do that with your body tho?

Yup, we're addicted to these. Do you have some skills to show off? Share the video on our Facebook page.