Steal Her Style: Here's How To Get The Halsey Look Without Going Broke

18 February 2016, 12:48 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Halsey Style Steal Asset

By Victoria Pavlova

Steal her style, without going broke!

Confession: we've kind of been loving Halsey's style lately. She straddles the border between tomboy and neon-haired feminine goddess really well and gives us some serious style goals. 

So here's how to get some of her iconic looks - without breaking the bank. 

Halsey Style Steal 1

Halsey rocked this look we like to call Rebel! Now with flowers at heathrow airport recently. While the liquor 'n Poker boyf jeans are no longer available, we found this nifty £25 New Look pair. Replace the £350 Courtney Love jacket with this £100 River Island one and get the exact same HBF Belle shirt here for £28 - or just pair with any white statement tee!

Halsey Style Steal 1

This Raise Boys And Girls The Same Way shirt is no longer available from Brandy Melville, but you can find a nice (and cheap) version on Etsy for £13.62

Halsey Style Steal 1

This one's actually pretty affordable (apart from the price you pay for rocking a plastic jacket in warm weather). The transparent organza jacket is available here. Pair it with a white bralette and tennis skirt to complete the look. We suggest these ones from Fabletics (£18) and Etsy (£15), respectively. 

Halsey Style Steal 1

We found an exact match for that sequin crop in this Topshop piece (discounted to just £5). Pair it with the black version of the tennis skirt, a pair of over-the-knee black socks (we like these ones for price and durability) and break out your Doc Martens to complete the look (literally any other combat boot will do as well).