Halsey says her biopic was postponed because she fell in love with its writer Alev Aydin

19 May 2021, 12:08 | Updated: 19 May 2021, 15:09

Halsey shaves her head in new TikTok

By Sam Prance

Alev Aydin is now Halsey's boyfriend and the couple are expecting a baby together.

Halsey has opened up about why the film based on her life, which she first announced three years ago, hasn't come out yet.

In 2018, Deadline revealed that Sony Pictures had closed a deal on a Halsey biopic. The publication teased that the movie would be inspired by Eminem's 8 Mile with Halsey playing herself in the film. They also explained that the project would follow Halsey's life story with her direct input. It was later announced that screenwriter Alev Aydin would write it.

Now, Halsey has explained why the movie is yet to come to fruition and it has something to do with falling in love.

How did Halsey meet Alev Aydin?

Halsey reveals how she met her boyfriend and baby daddy Alev Aydin
Halsey reveals how she met her boyfriend and baby daddy Alev Aydin. Picture: @iamhalsey via Instagram, @amanda_owley_tattoo via Instagram

Yesterday (May 18), a Halsey fan tweeted: "This lives in my mind, rent free. Why did this never happen??" with a screenshot of the Deadline article announcing that Halsey was making a film about her own life. Noticing the tweet, Halsey retweeted it and wrote: "bc alev was supposed to be writing it the past 3 years and we slowly fell in love instead. you know the rest!"

In other words, Halsey first met Alev while working on her biopic and, since then, they've grown from colleagues to friends to lovers and now Halsey is pregnant with Alev's child. This means that Halsey and Alev knew each other, throughout her past relationships with G-Eazy, Yungblud and Evan Peters, before falling in love themselves and dating.

The couple also got matching "seeds" tattoos in 2020.

Okay, we understand why the movie has been put on hold but a biopic with a rom-com ending? This needs to be made.