Halsey shuts down "jokes" about her being a bad mother

13 June 2022, 17:21 | Updated: 13 June 2022, 17:30

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"I love a good banter but I’d kill for my kid.."

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Halsey has shut down people joking about their parenting skills on Twitter.

The 'So Good' singer welcomed a baby boy named Ender with their boyfriend Alev Aydin in 2021 and despite battling multiple health conditions following their pregnancy, Halsey has been loving motherhood. However, it seems some people have been making jokes about their parenting and Halsey quickly drew the line right there.

In a now-deleted tweet, Halsey said: "I love coming on here and talking with you guys and telling you about all the little details of my life but I def draw the line at jokes about me being a bad mom.

"just putting that out there now so we don’t run into that again. I love a good banter but I’d kill for my kid.."

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Halsey shuts down "jokes" about her being a bad mother
Halsey shuts down "jokes" about her being a bad mother. Picture: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic, @iamhalsey via Instagram

It's not known what joke sparked Halsey's tweet but fans quickly rushed to defend them. One person tweeted: "For sure a good boundary to have, not a joking matter at all especially bc with you being a celeb and continuing to work while being a mom you get real-life unwarranted hate about being a 'bad mom.'"

Another added: "Whoever is saying Halsey is a bad mom does not have kids. She is a great mom it’s no one’s position to judge her."

Halsey's tweet comes following the news that they're being sued by their former nanny.

Last week, Halsey's former nanny Ashley Funches filed a lawsuit alleging she had been fired after requesting time off work for a medical procedure "that would require her to take a leave of absence from work". In court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Funches states that she "worked around the clock on consecutive days with little to no day of rest" while working for Halsey and she was paid $5,000 for her accumulated overtime.

Halsey Tweet
Halsey Tweet. Picture: @halsey via Twitter

However, in a statement Halsey said the nanny's claims were "baseless". The statement read: "Consequently, while Halsey is both saddened and disappointed by this turn of events, they feel it is important to refute these allegations publicly, as they are a vocal advocate against ableism and for ethical working conditions."

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