Halsey & Brendon Urie Went To See Blink 182 In Most Pop Punk Night Out Ever

6 October 2016, 10:51 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Be still our weak FanFic writing hearts...

Like a piece of pop punk fan fiction plucked from the darkest corner of Tumblr magically brought to life, well-known Blink 182 fanatic Halsey was spotted attending their recent Californian show with none other than Panic! frontman and famous forehead owner Brendon Urie.

Want proof? We got proof!

Halsey tweeted this cute video clip of their incredible seating position (are they actually on stage?).

This is like the UN of KROQ playlist icons!

That's your pop punk Mum ("Mom") Sarah Urie next to them too btw for added fandom freakout factor.

Halsey and Brendon's friendship is well documented, Beebo even popping up during her Coachella set for a run-through of "New Americana" and "I Write Sins...".


Plus former PopBuzz podcast guests Blink 182 get an almighty name-check in Halsey's Chainsmoker's collab "Closer" which you may have come across if you ever go to a coffee place/store/watch TV/listen to the radio/have ears.

But the question remains - when will Blink repay the favour and give Halsey a shout out on record? We're sure Brendon will be available to provide some funky keyboards in the back.

Halsey is current working on the follow-up to Badlands. Blink 182 continue their US tour. Panic! return to the UK this November.


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