Halsey Has Some Of The Most Specific (And Amazing) Fan Accounts In The World

13 October 2015, 16:04 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Halsey Fan Twitters

By Alim Kheraj

When Halsey is a bath bomb, a sunset and a storm.

Fan accounts can be a wondrous thing and we often spend time (ok, entire weekends) scouring through Tumblr for song lyrics, quotes and pictures turned into the most wonderful art. 

Likewise, Twitter is full of accounts (and calls of "BRASIL") that update fans on their faves' movements and news, while also sharing some pretty incredible stuff. 

So when we were casually searching for the Princess of the new Americana, Halsey, on the social media platform we were stunned to see that the oft blue-haired singer had some truly wild fan Twitter accounts. 

Exhibit A

Halsey As The Sunset (@halseyassunsets)

Tagged with the phrase "sunsets are beautiful and halsey is beautiful", this account places Halsey next to, well, sunsets with surprisingly profound results.


Exhibit B

Halsey as Paintings (@halseyaspaint)

Similarly to Halsey As The Sunset, Halsey as Paintings presents the singer next to paintings with incredible results. 

We could spend dayz going through this account!

Exhibit C

halsey astrology (@halseyscope)

We understand this one less, but we assume it's suggesting that these GIFs/pictures of Halsey are a visual representation of the star signs. 


Exhibit D

Halsey as Bath Bombs (@halseybathbomb)

This might be our favourite of the whole bunch.

We'll never look at a bath bomb without singing the entirety of Bad Lands now.

Exhibit E

halsey as storms (@HalseyAsStorms)

This one is similar to Halsey as the sunset, but no less inspiring. 

Storm AF.

Got any more amazing Halsey fan accounts we should know about? Let us know pls.

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