Halsey Got Called Out For Her High Ticket Prices And Some Fans Aren't Happy

8 May 2017, 15:08 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Halsey Hopeless Fountain Kingdom Tour Ticket Price
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"I like how Halsey's ticket prices are low but $450 to meet her is kinda wild. 2 years ago I was paying $30"

By the looks of it, Halsey's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom World Tour is going to be EPIC and it sounds f*cking spectacular but fans have been complaining about the high ticket prices for the VIP packages so much that Halsey herself has been forced to lower the face value of the premium tickets.

Halsey, who has made it a priority to fight for low tickets prices, is charging an average of 50$ - with some as low at 30$ - for a standard seating ticket (bargain!) but if you want to get in on the extra special experience Halsey has planned, you're going to have to fork out A LOT more. 

The tour also includes four VIP packages; The Aureum Package, The Angelus Package, The Luna Package and The Solis Package - the former two packages will get you seats in boxes on the actual stage (circled below) with a Meet & Greet after the show and the latter two packages guarantee a seat on stage and a ~chance~ to win a Meet & Greet pass. 

via twitter / @halsey

Some fans complained about the the cost for the top tier VIP packages - which are rumoured to be priced around $450.


While others understood the logistics and had her back while praising her for having low standard prices anyway.


In the end, Halsey listened to her fans and ended up actually lowering the prices of the VIP tickets. 


But not before she took the time to DM with a fan who was concerned about the cost of the "experience".

Halsey Ticket Pricesvia tumblr.com

What do you think? Do you think the ticket prices are ridiculously overpriced for her young fans? Or do you see where Halsey is coming from, from a production perspective?

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