Halsey Started A Debate About "White People" Shampoo And The Internet Is MAJORLY Divided

28 April 2018, 14:55

Halsey hair asset
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Who knew that this would start SUCH a big debate?

If you've ever travelled, you'll know that having access to the hair care products of your choice can be a little bit of a struggle. Halsey shared her thoughts on the "watered down", perfumed "white people" shampoo that she encounters when travelling, and the internet was majorly divided. 

Halsey is of mixed heritage, so she likely uses shampoo formulated for women of colour. The singer explained that the quality of hotel shampoo, which is virtually unusable for some people of colour, leaves those travelling for health or work-related obligations with few options. 

Many people thought that the shampoo issue wasn't a big deal.

While others agreed with the singer. 

Many even shared their own experiences of using hotel shampoo that just didn't do it for them. 

Even Halsey was surprised at how much debate her comments had caused. 

WHEW, who knew a debate about hotel shampoo would get folks so riled up. Whether or not you agree with Halsey, she does have a right to speak on her own experiences.  

So, what do you guys think? Should hotels cater more to people with different hair textures or should everyone just bring their own?