Halsey played Betty Cooper from Riverdale on SNL and it was TOO good

11 February 2019, 15:37

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"I wanted to be the queen bae of this drab hive."

Halsey dropped by SNL this past Saturday (Feb 9) as the musical guest and host of the show. The star took on double duty, appearing in sketches and performing live on the NBC mainstay. Riverdale fans will certainly recognise one of the characters Halsey played on SNL. Halsey was transformed into Betty Cooper for one sketch and her impression was uncanny.

Halsey played a ponytailed Lili Reinhart playing Betty in the scene and even got her very own Jughead. Pete Davidson was on hand as an overly active corpse as was Keenan Thompson as the scene's frustrated director.

Watch Halsey playing Betty Cooper on SNL below.

In the sketch, fake Lili and fake Cole are trying to perform a dramatic scene as Betty and Jughead but they keep getting interrupted by the corpse of Betty's dead cousin. The corpse refuses to stay still and goes on and on about needing to expel gas while the director becomes increasingly annoyed.

Eventually, even the actors side with Pete Davidson's corpse character and things descend into madness. The scene even featured lines like "I wanted to be the queen bae of this drab hive." Ripped from the scripts, I tell you.

Halsey playing Lili playing Betty was the cross over event we didn't realise we needed in our lives.

In addition to the Betty Cooper impression, Halsey also performed "Without Me" and appeared in other great sketches like "The Women of Congress".

What did you guys think of Halsey's turn as Betty Cooper on SNL?