Halsey Leaves Twitter To Avoid Being "Violently Threatened For Speaking My Mind"

10 November 2016, 14:55 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

But she's still supporting anxious fans via her DMs.

This Election has been intense, to say the least, and emotions are running very high. Already, we're hearing reports of two post-election trans suicides due to the immense weight of anxiety and stress causes by the Trump victory. We are beyond devastated to hear this news. 

In these times often people, especially young fans, turn to musicians and artists for comfort and guidance. While this is a completely natural way to express shock and sadness, this can also put a lot of responsibility on one persons shoulders. Someone who knows this very well is Halsey.

Halsey, a Clinton supporter, wrote this tweet the day of the results, expressing how she was lost for words at the result and it's implications.


Some hours later, she expanded on that tweet with a longer message, saying she wanted to avoid being 'violently threatened' for speaking her mind.


And true to her word, Halsey has been communicating with her anxious fans as well as other Twitter users. 


Fans have been largely supportive of her decision. 




We have a lot of respect for Halsey for providing support to fans, especially as she probably wants to burying herself under her duvet to hide from the world like the rest of us.

Also, we agree with her on the point of what to do next. At the moment, the best thing you can do is rally around each other and make sure everyone you love feels loved and supported, so hopefully we can avoid any more tragic loss of life like those that have been reported. 

Here are some helpful numbers if you ever want/need some support.