Halsey Just DRAGGED Machine Gun Kelly For His Sex Comments In The Shadiest Way

21 September 2018, 17:23

By Sam Prance

A living legend...

Halsey is never one to let bullshit slide. Whether it's completely false dating rumours (those Machine Gun Kelly pictures were from 2016) or people bringing 'anti-lgbt+ religious propaganda' to her shows (there is no room for homophobia in the Halsey fandom), the 'Bad at Love' hitmaker is pretty savage when it comes to putting haters in their place and telling trolls to mind their own business.

Taking all of this into consideration, it should come as no surprise that Halsey felt the need to state something after Machine Gun Kelly brought her up in a recent interview on The Breakfast Club. In it, Charlemagne asked the 'Bad Things' rapper if he "smashed G-Eazy's girl" and Kelly replied "Yes, many of them!". Then when the host specified that he meant Halsey, Kelly said: "Absolutely." 

Halsey & Machine Gun Kelly
Halsey & Machine Gun Kelly. Picture: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images // PictureGroup/SIPA USA/PA Images

It should go without saying that this kind of behaviour is super low brow. It's one thing to brag about your own sex life, but to name-drop high profile women you've allegedly slept with is not cute. The fact that Charlemagne referred to Halsey as "G-Eazy's girl" is not on, either. The 'Alone' star is a brilliant artist in her own right; reducing her to that label is beyond offensive.

Naturally, Halsey is having none of it. Taking to Twitter, she addressed the tiresome incident with three iconic words. Echoing Kelly's original statement, the BBMA winner simply wrote: "how *absolutely* pathetic".

Omg. This is lowkey one of the most savage clap backs of the year so far. The fact that it's so succinct somehow makes it even more cutting. One nil to Halsey.

Read Halsey's response below.


This isn't the first time that Machine Gun Kelly has unnecessarily brought up Halsey either. The 26-year-old rapper previously referenced her in his G-Eazy feud. In a freestyle diss, he rapped "I fucked his girl now he looks like me this shit overbearing". Yawn. To quote, Halsey herself "how *absolutely* pathetic".

In conclusion, don't talk shit about Halsey. She will drag you for filth.