Halsey dyed her hair lilac after letting fans decide her new hair colour

11 January 2019, 11:59 | Updated: 11 January 2019, 12:56

Halsey attends the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball at The O2 Arena/Halsey lilac hair selfie
Halsey just let her fans choose her new hair colour. Picture: SOPA Images / Instagram/@iamhalsey
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"I am a strong independent woman who lets young people on the internet decide what she's gonna look like via Twitter poll."

Halsey has never been afraid to change up her look over the years. From a pixie cuts to inches, blonde to brunette, baby pink to jet black, curly to sleek, there's no hairstyle she hasn't dared rock. But what does the "Without Me" singer do when she's desperately in need of some hair inspiration? Turn to her followers, of course.

Halsey asked her fans what colour she should dye her hair next… and she actually listened. Ah, all our indecisive problems would be solved if we had 9.99 million Twitter followers too.

"My brain arguing with me over whether I should grow my hair, cut it, or dye it a bright color," she tweeted. "What's the new wave. Slime green? Gerard Way red? Lilac?"

But with the comments pouring in from all angles, Halsey decided to make the topic of her ever-changing hair a little more scientific. So she fashioned a Twitter poll to conduct some quantitive research, with three choices – lilac, red, and pink.

Soon, the results were in – drum roll and dramatic pause please – lilac won with 60% of the votes. Red was runner-up with 24%, while pink garnered only 16% of the total.

Later, Halsey confirmed she had listened to her followers and teased us with a snippet of her new lilac tresses on Instagram. You could just about see the lilac hue, but now we're waiting for the big reveal. C'mon girl!

Halsey selfie
Halsey went lilac back in 2014. Picture: Instagram/@iamhalsey

This wouldn't be the first time Halsey has decided on going for purple locks. She sported a vibrant violet buzz cut back in 2016, while she dyed her long hair lilac back in 2014 too.