Halsey and YUNGBLUD open up about how they first met

22 February 2019, 17:49 | Updated: 24 February 2020, 15:59

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

How did Halsey and YUNGBLUD meet? Halsey and YUNGBLUD revealed in a new interview how they met and how "11 Seconds" came about.

Halsey and YUNGBLUD have been working closely as of late. The pair released their Travis Barker collaboration "11 Seconds" and gave us heartbreaking visuals to accompany the 00s emo inspired track. The pair have sparked dating rumours in recent weeks. But how did Halsey and YUNGBLUD meet? In a new interview, the stars revealed how they met and how their mutual appreciation of music turned into an iconic collab.

Halsey and YUNGBLUD visited Alt 98.7 to talk about "11 Seconds". When they were asked how they met creatively, Halsey revealed that it was not a label pairing that put them together.

"I was home and I was wrapping up my cycle and I had some off time. I was a huge fan of his work and I wanted to meet him really badly," Halsey explained.

"And he happened to be in LA one day. So I just hit him up and was like 'yo, do you wanna go and have a beer?' We went and had some beers. A lot of beers," continued the singer. "And we started talking about music. You know, the kind of music we grew up on. And it was really cool because we grew up on the same kind of music in different parts of the world."

Halsey explains that YUNGBLUD opened up about a record he was writing and she got involved shortly after. While in studio, they both knew the drums on the song were "missing something" and it didn't take long for them to link up with Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

Halsey opens up about their first meeting from 0:43 in the interview.

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There you have it, folks. Your favourite collab of the year came about after these two met over some beers. Halsey and YUNGBLUD clearly share a musical kinship and we can't wait to hear more from the pair.

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