Harry Styles' fans defend him after he's asked "invasive" questions about his personal life

22 November 2019, 16:22

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A recent Harry Styes interview on The Kyle & Jackie O show has sparked outrage from fans of the singer, who say a line of questioning about his private life was "invasive" and "rude".

Harry Styles is set to drop his upcoming second solo album Fine Line this December, which means the superstar will be doing plenty of press in the run-up to its release. These interviews are a chance for Harry to get his fanbase excited for the release and catch them up on what he's been up to both personally and professionally. However, some Harry Styles fans are speaking out this week, after an interview on The Kyle & Jackie O show prompted backlash over an "awkward" line of questioning directed at the singer.

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In the interview, host Jackie O asks Harry about his upcoming tour plans in Australia and potential future acting opportunities. Kyle Sandilands then asks whether Harry's personal life is "normal" or if there are "women rolling in an out" of his life and fighting over him.

Saturday Night Live - Season 45
Saturday Night Live - Season 45. Picture: Getty

"I close my eyes and I think that you're like a Vinnie from Entourage," host Kyle Sandilands said. "You've got a couple of friends around, you're doing your thing, there's just women rolling in and out. You're just sort of bouncing from one project to another, depending on what your passion is and what you're interested in. Is that what your life is like? Or is it a lot more normal than we would think?"

Harry took a tactful approach in answering the question.

He replied: "I like to kind of split the two, in terms of working and not working. So, I'm definitely aware that a lot of working life can be extraordinary at times and isn't the average thing. And then with my personal life, I'd say it's pretty normal."

Kyle then added: "What a shame. I would have thought that there would have been models, girls would be fighting and you'd be like 'ladies, ladies. One at a time, please.'"

"Sorry," Harry answered back.

Interestingly enough, Harry has done little to cultivate such an image, even while in One Direction.

Some fans called the questions "invasive" while others said the questions portrayed him as a "dim-witted womaniser".

Harry handled the interview incredibly well, considering the assumptions being made about his private life. His fans rushing to his defence also prove just how dedicated his supporters really are.

What do you guys think of the questions Harry was asked about his private life?