Harry Styles says he "used to hate" Watermelon Sugar

17 March 2020, 14:29

By Sophie Thompson

Harry Styles performed his first ever NPR Tiny Desk concert for keen fans this week, and as he sat down to play the intimate gig, he admitted that he actually used to 'hate' Watermelon Sugar.

If you've been thinking about coronavirus all week, then Harry Styles' debut Tiny Desk concert will have been a welcome break from all the madness going on right now.

Harry (aka the-love-of-our-life) sat down to play his acoustic set featuring all of the Fine Line bangers, he admitted that he used to hate Watermelon Sugar.

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Sorry, what?

Harry Styles' Fine Line album sold over 510,000 copies within its first week of being released.
Harry Styles' Fine Line album sold over 510,000 copies within its first week of being released. . Picture: J. Lee/FilmMagic/NPR TinyDesk

Armed with a spectacular expensive-but-looks-cheap duck jumper, the former One Direction member played a rendition of his song 'Cherry' before going onto explain how 'Watermelon Sugar' came around.

He revealed that the song was the longest to finish, after he began writing it in 2017, and came up with the name because of a Richard Brautigan Watermelon Sugar novel was on the table in the studio and he thought it sounded fun.

Speaking about the song he admitted: “We kind of liked it when we first had it, then I kind of really hated it for a long time and then came back and it kept kind of coming back into the mix,"

“It’s about that initial euphoria when you start seeing someone, you start sleeping with someone, or just like being around someone and you have that excitement about them.”

We have to stan.

After what we can only then describe as an euphoric version of the song (we're talking full bass, piano, drums and THREE guitars), he sang 'To Be So Lonely' before finishing with 'Adore You' - which he joked he had written about a fish that he was really into.

Thank goodness for Tiny Desk during these trying times.

You can watch the full performance here.