5 Reasons Why Hayley Kiyoko’s 'Citrine' Is A Masterpiece

4 October 2016, 16:17 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Hayley Kiyoko
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

We take a look at Hayley's breakthrough EP.

You might have noticed recently that we've become a bit obsessed with Hayley Kiyoko lately.


Hayley joined us on our podcast and we asked her lots of important questions like whether she'd rather vote for Donald Trump or a bag of snakes (she went for the snakes). We also featured 'Gravel To Tempo' as one of our tracks of the month in September. We even did a quiz about her lyrics! Seriously, she might need to file a restraining order.  

Last week, Hayley drop her new EP, Citrine. It's already racing up the iTunes chart and, mate, it's brilliant, so we wrote down a few important deets that everybody needs to know. 


1. 'Gravel To Tempo' is literally like being introduced to Hayley for the first time.


We noticed the footsteps at the start of 'Gravel To Tempo' before, which is literally the sound of Hayley walking in some gravel to set the tempo of the song. But it's inclusion feels more important in the context of the EP. It's as if you're literally walking up her driveway to meet Hayley, and she's going to give you a guided tour through her mind. 


2. It's inspired some BANGING fan art.



More of this please. 



This 'Palace' illustration tho...




3. Just as we thought Hayley couldn't get any gayer... 


On a real, it's actually so good to hear a woman singing about other girls so openly. It's not just thinly-veiled metaphors, or one or two same sex pronouns - the whole EP talks very openly about being in love with girls. That's so fucking rad. It's unapologetic without being defensive or tokenistic or coy - its just - dare I say it - normal?


4. 'Pretty Girls' is the best song Hayley has ever released and we will fight you if you say otherwise.


And it's not just us who think this. In an interview, Hayley has this to say about the song. "Pretty Girl’ is one of my favourite songs on my new EP, Citrine. It’s an acknowledgement of all those beautiful women you come across and think to yourself, 'gosh, that girl is just so beautiful,' but never say anything or act on it. So often I'll think it without saying anything. With this song, I just wanted to share that appreciation."


5. You need to meet 'Headphones Girl'.


Hayley's fans have become obsessed with 'headphone girl' from the 'Gravel To Tempo' video. So much so, she's become a meme. 



No, seriously.



I can smell the fan-fic from here.



So, what did we learn? Well, Citrine is hella gay and hella amazing and very meme worthy. 5/5 mate. Get on it. 


Oh, and you should totally listen to Hayley talking to us on the PopBuzz Podcast. Listen below: