15 Things Justin Bieber Definitely Saw In "Tiger Tiger" Manchester

27 October 2016, 15:04 | Updated: 30 December 2019, 15:07

James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

When Bieber hits a student club night, you just know that certain things 100% happened...

As you might have noticed by the hoards of screaming girls lining the streets of the UK, Justin Bieber is currently on tour.

And, while playing a series of shows in Manchester this week, Justin stopped by what is arguably the jewel in the crown of the Northern Powerhouse - the sweaty student den otherwise known as Tiger Tiger.

Manchester Evening News

For those unfamiliar, Tiger Tiger, located in the Printworks centre next to the Odeon cinema and a wonderful little independent French bistro named Café Rouge, is the premiere destination for all of Manchester's biggest celebs. Anyone who is anyone can be spotted in the VIP room, everyone from Jason off Corrie to David off Corrie and, if you're lucky, Todd off Corrie. (We'd explain what Corrie is for US readers but, trust us, we don't have the time!).

And if that doesn't paint enough of a picture for you, here is a famous shot taken round the corner from the venue on New Year's Eve 2015.

Yep. Carnage. 

But what if you have never been lucky enough to venture to this paradise for a red bull-based nightcap? Don't worry, we have spent MANY nights at Tiger Tiger's student night Taboo - the same event that Bieber chose to hang out at. Now you can truly feel as if you were there among the movers and shakers of Spinningfields. 

So, let's set the scene and give you a glimpse of what definitely went down when Bieber hit Manchester.


15 Things Justin Bieber Definitely 100% Saw On His Trip To Tiger Tiger Manchester

1) A minimum of six semi-ironic t-shirts baring the phrase "Bieber Fever" that are being worn purely by coincidence.

2) Some #LADS in white tracksuits with VERY wide eyes begging him to sing "Sorry" for them 'cos "that's like my fooking tune man! It was written about me".

3) A DJ in shutter shades and a backwards NY cap despite the fact that he is clearly over 50.

4) A group of a dozen girls from the Uni Hockey team who have, for some reason, decided to wear co-ordinated army gear.

5) That same group of a dozen girls from the Uni Hockey team crying to the bouncer because he's taken their replica toy guns away at the door.

6) Signs for a drinks deal on fishbowls that is doing an INSANE amount of business considering they have clearly not been washed since Oasis were at their peak.

7) A couple getting to third base in the corner of the Opal Bar with the darker lighting who think nobody can see them but everybody can!

8) Denise Welch with a bottle of rosé-champagne on ice putting in frequent requests for the entire discography of The 1975.

9) Food menus that have been picked up and then angrily thrown on the floor as the kitchen shut 45 mins ago. Also, who orders food in the club?

10) A fight. Could be two men, could be two girls, could be a large gender-fluid mix of revellers. But there will be a fight and it will take place during the breakdown of "Where Are U Now".

11) The world's unhappiest shot girl. We don't even have a joke here. Somebody just get her a new job please. Or at least buy one of her individual cigarettes for the low low price of £8.72.

12) A personal appearance on stage by Gaz from Geordie Shore which, let's be honest, on any other night would be fairly starry for this particular arena.

13) A lone university professor who accompanied his tutor group on their bonding curry and felt obliged to join them for "a quiet end-of-the-night drink" and is now nursing his pain via a large Chardonnay, shedding a single tear as his students grind on the light-up disco floor in the "Groovy Wonderland" room, wondering what his ex-wife is doing at that precise moment and whether or not it involves her gym instructor Keith who she always seemed so close to.

14) A hen party running through "Baby" on repeat in the Karaoke booth. That's right, they have a karaoke booth. 

15) A mass closing singalong to "Don't Look Back In Anger" followed by "Mr Brightside", such is the law for all student clubs everywhere.

Afterwards Bieber apparently headed to Deansgate Locks for similar student shenanigans, probably stopping off for a quick kebab en route.

God we miss Manchester!


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