Justin Bieber Will Help You Prank Your Friends... For A Small Fee

14 December 2015, 17:21 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Totally worth it.

According to Urban Dictionary, a Bieber Bomb is a 'Like a Rick Roll but instead you are subjected to a clip of Justin Bieber singing 'baby', or more specifically the words 'baby, baby, baby ohh'.

The devious little trolling method has been lurking around since 2010 but with Justin's recent renaissance, or BIEBAISSANCE IF YOU WILL, there's a new form of Bieber Bombing and it's LIFE CHANGING. 

Thanks to BieberBomb.com, you can now send random Justin Bieber lyrics to all of your favourite people. You simply enter your friends name and number, and they will receive 10 lyrics over text in a period of 24 hours... for a small fee, obvz. The best part? It's completely anonymous, so your poor unsuspecting friend will never know who was behind the heinous act. 

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You can opt for a classic Bieber Bomb ($1), a Sneak Attack ($2) - where you are privy to the conversation, or you can unleash a 'viral attack' on up to three of your frenemies ($2.50).

The results have the potential to be CATASTROPHICALLY HILARIOUS so remember to troll responsibly kids! And as the site says, "It's all fun and games, but you're liable for any emotional, physical or financial damage Bieber Bomb may cause :)"


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