Justin Bieber called out for “insensitive" prank about Hailey Baldwin being pregnant

2 April 2019, 12:28

By Sam Prance

Justin Bieber is being slated for an April Fool's joke about having a baby...

Justin Bieber is being called out for pretending that Hailey Baldwin is pregnant with his baby.

Yesterday (Apr 1), Justin surprised us all by posting a picture of an ultrasound on Instagram. Immediately, fans congratulated him and Hailey on the pregnancy but it wasn't long before people realised that it was just an image taken from Google. Later he posted a photo of Hailey seemingly pregnant in hospital, with the caption: "U thought it was April fools". However, it now turns out that that was a joke too and he is being slated for it.

Is Justin Bieber having a baby? Is Hailey Baldwin pregnant?

Justin Bieber baby Hailey Baldwin pregnant April Fool's prank
Justin Bieber baby Hailey Baldwin pregnant April Fool's prank. Picture: Instagram: @justinbieber

An hour after Justin shared the candid images of Hailey, he took to Instagram to give us a third and final post in the 'Is Hailey really pregnant and is Justin Bieber really having a baby?' April Fool's saga of 2019. This time he shared another photograph of a sonogram. Except this time, it was a meme of a dog on top of an ultrasound. Justin then captioned it: "Wait omg is that a,,, APRIL FOOLS".

In other words, Justin and Hailey are probably not having a baby anytime soon and they were just trolling us all. Many fans have taken the prank in good faith but a number of people have taken to social media to call Justin out for being "gross and insensitive" to women around the world who suffer from infertility, miscarriages and stillborn babies. Pregnancy is not a joke to them.

Here are just a few of the criticisms.

Of course, we assume that Justin meant no ill-will by his April Fool's prank but, given how serious pregnancy is to millions of people all around the world, it's understandable why people are taking issue with the joke. Pranks don't have to be offensive but this one is.

As it stands, Justin is yet to respond to the backlash.

What do you think? Was the prank insensitive?