Katy Perry Admits 'I Kissed A Girl' Is Problematic And It's About Goddamn Time

8 February 2018, 12:50 | Updated: 19 November 2018, 14:22

Katy Perry
Katy Perry. Picture: Glamour / Capitol Records
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

No sh*t sherlock.

Katy Perry has said she would make edits to one of her most popular songs, 'I Kissed A Girl', to remove problematic lyrics if she were to re-write the song today.

In a video for Glamour, Katy was reviewing fan-made covers of her songs on YouTube. When an acoustic version of 'I Kissed A Girl' came on, Katy expressed her regret with some of the lyrics of the song.

"That was in 2008 when that came out", she said. "I think we've really changed, conversationally, in the past 10 years. We've come a long way. Bisexuality wasn't as talked about back then, or any type of fluidity."

"If i had to write that song again I probably would make an edit on it. Lyrically, it has a couple stereotypes in it. Your mind changes so much in 10 years, and you grow so much. What's true for you can evolve."

What's the fuss about? Well, ever since 'I Kissed A Girl' was released, it has been criticised by bisexual and gay women for perpetuating the idea that same-sex female relationships are fake, a means to attract straight men, or that they are 'just a phase'. At the time, Gossip singer Beth Ditto made headlines for calling the song "offensive to gay culture" and many others have since called out the track.

It would seem Katy has finally seen the light. While 'I Kissed A Girl' will always be a banger, it is more than a bit problematic (let's not even get into 'Ur So Gay') so it's great that Katy can admit to her mistakes...10 years later.

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