10 Times Lady Gaga Came For Your Man

8 February 2016, 15:36 | Updated: 30 December 2019, 15:03

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Beware of the Gaga.

You know Lady Gaga, right? Award-winning actress, national anthem slayer, award show junkie? Yeah, well, that's not the only thing she's becoming known for.  

No siree! It's not enough for Gaga to be a titan of modern pop culture, so now she's taken to stealing men. More specifically, your man. And we have proof!


Remember at Golden Globes when she bumped into Leonardo DiCaprio? 


Does this door look familiar? BECAUSE IT'S YA MAN'S DOOR.

When your man has gone to get a coffee and Gaga appears out of Starbucks like...

In this GIF, upon seeing Gaga, we can clearly see Oprah running to lock her man into his anti-Gaga safety chamber. 

That time Gaga stole your man when you were asleep and later used it as a funny anecdote to tell Taylor Swift. 

"It was so easy, she had no idea!"

When you leave your man for 5 minutes to get an ice-cream.

Not content with your man, she'll take your children too. Is there nothing this woman won't do?

Gaga in a police chase to the state borderline after stealing your man, typing him up and throwing him in the boot.

When you confront Gaga about her crimes and she's like...


You have been warned.