Wait… Has Lady Gaga’s New Album Been Inspired By American Horror Story?

11 January 2016, 12:05 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Yaaaaas, Gaga!

On Sunday January 10th, The Countess left the glamorous confines of her hotel to rub shoulders with the rich and famous at the Golden Globe Awards in Hollywood. Hours later, she successfully emerged as the new Supre---- oh, sorry... She picked up the Globe for Best Actress In A Limited Series Or TV-Movie for American Horror Story and our little fangirl hearts exploded with joy!


Who else do you know that could claim they were "speechless" after a breathy, cliché ridden 2 minute acceptance speech?! LOL. BUT ENOUGH OF THAT... she also let some juicy news drop while chatting to reporters backstage at the Globes about her new album.

You know, I am putting out an album this year. I won't tell you when!


That reminds us... Last Friday, V Magazine published a detailed interview with the newly crowned Queen Gaga and *insert confused face emoji here* James Franco (why? We'll never know). Thankfully, Franco came through for us all and asked the very same burning question: Are you working on a new album? Her response was even juicier:

Yeah, I've been writing a lot for the past year. [American Horror Story] has really affected my voice, I have to say.

2016's Best Actress In A Limited Series Or TV-Movie

So, wait. What she's saying is... the LG5 album has been inspired by The Countess, Hotel Cortez and American Horror Story? WHAT?! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! Oh, you know exactly what it means...

Lady Gaga Album Cover PB


Track 1 - B Positive (An Ode To My Favourite Blood Type) 
Track 2 - Americano (Horror Story)
Track 3 - Stop Running In My Lobby ft. Liz Taylor
Track 4 - Room 64
Track 5 - Beautiful, Undead, Rich
Track 6 - Nosferatu & Chill ft. DJ Donovan
Track 7 - So Long, Jessica Lange
Track 8 - JAWLINE$ 4 Day$

BONUS TRACK: The Name Game

Did we get a bit carried away there? Oh well... enjoy this vine of Leo experiencing a near-fatal encounter with The Countess...

*yaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssss Gaga, you look sooooo goooooooood!*