Lady Gaga Joins Snapchat Then Sings The Sh*t Out Of The American National Anthem

8 February 2016, 11:00 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Super Bowl 2015

By Alim Kheraj


Lady Gaga may not have been the *busiest* girl in pop this weekend, but that doesn't mean she's been at home, playing with her dog and listening to ARTPOP demos. 

No, the singer headed down to San Francisco to perform a small, intimate gig at something called the Super Bowl. 

Super Bowl 2015

Gaga was, of course, asked to sing the American national anthem at this year's event and, of course, she absolutely S-L-A-Y-E-D her performance. Vocals on point Gaga. 

Lady Gaga - The Star Spangled Banner

Lady Gaga singing the National Anthem of the United States "The Star Spangled Banner" during Super Bowl 50

Posted by Ultimate Music on Sunday, 7 February 2016

We also heard rumours that Gaga will be the first artist to perform at the Grammy's, Oscars and The Super Bowl during the same year. Basically, Gaga '16 is coming and we're thirstier for it than The Countess is for fresh blood.

However, something even more momentous than playing in front of over 100 million people occurred. Lady Gaga joined Snapchat. 

Here she is sharing her custom Gucci shoes before the performance. 

Lady Gaga/Snapchat

She also shared a pic of her having a large glass of red wine.

Not to mention when she pretended to be a dog.

Or when she did this.

We fell in love with Gaga when she introduced her "Gagavision" YouTube series and hopefully Snapchat will be another way we can get a peek into exactly what Mother Monster is up to.

Lady Gaga's snapchat username is, of course, "ladygaga".

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