China Anne McClain says Lil Nas X's representation of God in the Montero video is harmful

31 March 2021, 11:31 | Updated: 31 March 2021, 11:32

China Anne McClain criticises Lil Nas X over representation of God in the Montero video

By Sam Prance

Lil Nas X gives Satan a lap dance in the 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)' video after being thrown out of heaven.

China Anne McClain has called out Lil Nas X over his representation of God in the 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)' video.

Last week (Mar 26), Lil Nas X broke the internet with his 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)' video. The visual received praise for its queer representation and storyline, and it's already been viewed over 50 million times on YouTube alone. In the video, Lil Nas X is stoned to death and sent to hell for being gay. He then gives Satan a lap dance and kills Satan while in hell.

Some people have taken issue with the religious imagery in the video and now Disney star China Anne McClain has added her thoughts to the conversation and criticised Lil Nas X, and the media at large, for the way in which they depict God.

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China Anne McClain calls out Lil Nas X's depiction of God in his Montero video
China Anne McClain calls out Lil Nas X's depiction of God in his Montero video. Picture: @chinamcclain via TikTok, Columbia Records

On Saturday (Mar 27), Lil Nas X posted a TikTok video in which he posed in front of the Satan lap dance in his 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)' video with the caption: "yall love telling gay people we going to hell, then get mad when i decide to go?"

Yesterday (Mar 30), China responded with a video captioned: "God is good. humans are imperfect. we should put a human’s wrongdoings on the doorstep they belong on."

In the video, China says: "There's a lot of confusion about the way God is represented by people vs. who he actually is. Comments like the one on top of Lil Nas' video, they often turn into back and forth conversations about religion, Christians against the gay community or Christians against everyone else. When it's really not about Christianity or religion at all."

She then adds: "The truth is that God exists. I don't believe in God because a religion tells me to. I know God. We have a relationship. So when God is represented badly by a Christian or by someone that's been hurt by a Christian, it really makes me sad because it's not who he is. That behaviour also drives so many people away from getting to know him. God is loving, he is compassionate, he is kind, he is forgiving."

Interestingly, Lil Nas X doesn't actually mention or depict God specifically once in his music video or on his TikTok.

In response to China's video, someone commented: "Am I the only one that hates when people say they 100% "know" God is real? Especially christianity. Its literally based off your faith. I also hate when someone says they 100% "know" God isnt real. The unknown is scary, but neither of you know. No one 100% knows.. and thats OK!"

China then responded by tweeting: "there is a difference between believing in God, and knowing God. i just realized this recently. that’s why i’m so different now love. before, i believed in God but i didn’t know Him. but now i do know Him, and i love Him. with all due respect, you can believe that or not."

As it stands, Lil Nas X hasn't addressed China's comments. We shall update you if he does.