Little Mix's new album: Everything we know about 'LM5' so far

16 October 2018, 16:19 | Updated: 16 October 2018, 16:23

By Sam Prance

'LM5' release date, tracklist and rumours...

Anticipation for Little Mix's new album is sky high. After literally doubling their record sales with their Glory Days era (the girls have now sold over 34 million records worldwide), winning their first BRIT award ('Shout Out to My Ex' won British Single in 2017) and going on the fifth highest grossing tour in girl group history (The Glory Days Tour was iconic), Jesy, Jade, Perrie and Leigh-Anne have become one of the biggest acts in music.

Little Mix and Nicki Minaj's new single 'A Woman Like Me' has inspired the most amazing memes

Thankfully, it looks as though we don't have long at all to wait before LM5 comes out. The project's lead single 'Woman Like Me' is already out, and topping charts worldwide, and the girls are expected to drop the full LP before the year ends. Not only that but the X Factor winners have also teased plenty of exciting information about the project. With that in mind, we have sleuthed and gathered it all in one place for you to enjoy.

Little Mix 'LM5': Release date, tracklist and rumours
Little Mix 'LM5': Release date, tracklist and rumours. Picture: Syco

Latest news: Is Ariana Grande on LM5?

Fans think that Little Mix may have just accidentally revealed that Ariana Grande is one of the stars who features on LM5.

Discussing the album on the Vodafone Big Top 40 show, the girls confirmed that there will only be "female collaborations" on the record. Then when Marvin Humes pressed them about an Ariana feature, the girls said: "We can't tell you". The girls then added: "We'd actually love that - collaborating with Ariana". It may not be concrete evidence but the girls usually say "no" if a rumour is not true.

That's not all though. We've done some investigating and we think that the song was in the running to be LM5's lead single. In a Popjustice interview published on September 6th, Lauren Aquilina revealed that Little Mix were interested in recording her single 'Pyscho' but she decided to release it herself. Lauren later reveals in the same piece that she's written a major pop collaboration.


"It’s the kind of song that could drop any time! It could drop this Friday! It’s pretty much confirmed. Which is a really big thing for me — the biggest thing yet. I’m a huge fan of both those artists. And it’s such a banger, too. Such a bop."


This may be a bit of a reach but considering that a) Lauren already mentioned Little Mix were interested in her music, b) the fact that Little Mix follow her on Twitter and c) the fact that this song still hasn't come out, it may be a Little Mix and Ariana collaboration. Seeing as Ariana is taking some time away from the limelight right now, it would make sense for the girls to release 'Woman Like Me' first instead.

This would also explain why Little Mix have only just filmed the 'Woman Like Me' video even though they've already filmed the video for their second single 'Strip' (the girls revealed this in their Noisey profile). Was 'Strip' originally the lead single featuring Ariana and is it now the follow-up to 'Woman Like Me'? Hopefully we will find out soon.

What do you think? Is an Ariana collaboration incoming or is it just wishful thinking?

When will Little Mix release LM5?

Little Mix took to Twitter on October 15th to reveal that LM5 is dropping November 16th. The girls also unveiled the stunning cover art which sees Little Mix look like grown queens effortlessly owning the streets of London.

The album will be available to pre-order Friday October 19th.

What is LM5 called?

After months of speculation, Little Mix finally revealed that LM5 is literally called LM5. In a tweet, the girls revealed: "We love how you’ve named each of our eras over the years. So we’ve decided to call our next album... LM5".

How many singles will LM5 have?

Little Mix announced 'Woman Like Me' as the first single from the new album on September 30th. However, considering that Glory Days had a massive five singles, we reckon that LM5 will have plenty too. According to @siwickigiggle, the girls have already shot three music videos for the project and even co-directed one of them (!). We think that this means that at least three singles have already been chosen or two and one instant grat.

Speaking to Noisey, the band revealed that the second single will be called "Strip" (we're obsessed already) and, according to Jesy, it will be a "fan-favourite". Also one of the videos apparently features difficult choreography. It sounds like the girls are about to give us another 'Move'/'Touch' esque banger.

It is currently unclear if the band's Cheat Codes collaboration 'Only You' will feature on the album.

Will there be any collaborations on LM5?

It's already been revealed that 'Woman Like Me' features the incredible Nicki Minaj. The girls have wanted to work with Nicki for years so we've got our hopes high for the rest of the LM5 collaborations. @siwickigiggle is back at it with the tea. In her listening party, the girls apparently stated that there will be multiple female collaborations and in interviews the girls have since said that LM5 will only feature female collaborations.

The unannounced collabs are currently all guess work bar our Ariana Grande theory. Little Mix have said multiple times that they would like to work with her so we think that she could possibly be on LM5. They also recently retweeted a picture of Normani so she may be on it too. And, seeing as Little Mix have been writing with Kamille and RAYE, we wouldn't be shocked if they have features as well.

Other names we're throwing in the ring are Kehlani, Zara Larsson and Tinashe because we know they'd be amazing.

What will LM5 sound like?

LM5 is going to be Little Mix's most mature work yet. The girls have mentioned in multiple interviews that the album is about feminism and that they want the record the empower women and their LGBTQ+ fans. In August, the girls teased a song on Instagram with the refrain: "I don't need a man, I put my own rock on my hand" (iconic). It sounds like a Pharrell esque R&B pop banger but still very Little Mix. The girls are not messing around.

In their Noisey interview, the girls confirmed that there is going to be a song on LM5 called 'Woman's World'. Jade co-wrote it with her boyfriend Jed Elliott (The Struts) and it's inspired by the #MeToo movement. It contains the lyric "“If you’ve never had to struggle to be heard / you haven’t lived in a woman’s world.” There's also apparently "a bouncing, maximalist pop track with lyrics about loving your body and jiggling your tits".

The 'Black Magic' hitmakers have also had a huge hand in writing for the album and said that it is their most personal work to date. They've written with people including MNEK, Justin Tranter and Timbaland to name just a few. It is rumoured that the LP will also feature more rapping and be pop with R&B leanings.

If anything, it sounds like LM5 will be an evolution of Little Mix's sound to date and we cannot wait to hear it.

How many tracks will LM5 have?

On Twitter, Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie announced that the standard edition of LM5 will feature an amazing 14 tracks. There will also be a deluxe edition with "4 exclusive tracks, new pics and a hardback CD book" and a super deluxe edition with "exclusive artwork, new pics and handwritten notes in a hardback book". Iconic.

In other words, we are about to be blessed with a whole slew of new bangers, ballads and bops.

Will Little Mix tour LM5?

Yes. The girls love touring and they plan on making the LM5 tour their biggest tour to date. They've already hinted that they will be performing in countries that they've never been to before and heading to the US. Little Mix are going global.

We shall keep you informed as soon as there are any more official LM5 announcements.