Lauren Jauregui defends Little Mix after trolls slut shame their 'Strip’ video

19 November 2018, 15:49

By Sam Prance

Little Mix's new 'Strip' campaign is all about body positivity...

Little Mix keep going from strength to strength. The record-breaking girl group released their fifth studio album on Friday and since then LM5 has already broken records (it's the first album by a girl group to top Apple Music's worldwide albums chart). Not only that but it's received widespread critical acclaim for its experimental production, amazing hooks and empowering lyrics. Our girls are killing it.

The 'Woman Like Me' stars also released a brand new music video on Friday for their next single 'Strip'. The song and visual have both been praised for their important message about body positivity. Nevertheless, some trolls have been taking to the internet to slut-shame Little Mix since the video came out. And now Lauren Jauregui has stepped in to defend the girls and their video.

Lauren Jauregui praises Little Mix's empowering 'Strip' music video
Lauren Jauregui praises Little Mix's empowering 'Strip' music video. Picture: PictureGroup/SIPA USA/PA Images // Twitter

In one of the most striking scenes in the video, Little Mix pose naked with insults that have been thrown at them written over them. Amid heaps of praise, various trolls took issue with the visual. Radio presenter Julia Hartley-Brewer responded to it by tweeting: "Yet again, young women pretend that going naked empowers them. It doesn’t. It’s just another cheap way to sell themselves. But I suppose it makes a nice change from this group dressing like hookers..."

Unsurprisingly, fans were not impressed. If a woman chooses to be naked of her own accord that is empowering. Particularly when they have their bodies unfairly scrutinised on a daily basis. Ever the queen, Lauren replied to Julia: "If your intention is the empowerment of women, how about you don’t add yourself to the list of misogynists who deem what is appropriate enough to be “respectable.”

She then added: "All forms deserve respect. They are no less empowered because of their clothing choices. Don’t be salty they look [fire emoji]."

See Lauren's tweet and the original tweet below.

Amazing. Now that is empowering. The only thing that is NOT empowering about this whole ordeal is the fact that Julia and other trolls are policing how girls celebrate their bodies. The 'Strip' video is brilliant because, as well as Little Mix, it stars a diverse group of women of all shapes and sizes embracing how they look. It's encouraging fans to love the skin their in.

The backlash proves how necessary this kind of message is.