Little Mix drag Piers Morgan with iconic Wasabi intro video on their LM5 Tour

17 September 2019, 16:59

By Sam Prance

Little Mix used the Wasabi interlude in their LM5 Tour setlist to clap back at Piers Morgan.

Little Mix are taking aim at Piers Morgan on their LM5 Tour in the most iconic way and it involves their 'Wasabi' intro video.

It's finally begun. After months of anticipation, Little Mix kicked off their LM5 Tour in Madrid yesterday (Sep 18) and it did not disappoint. Not only did the girls perform nearly all of their signature hits but they also blessed us with live debuts of various fan favourites. The LM5 Tour setlist includes songs like 'Shout Out to My Ex', 'Touch' and 'Black Magic', alongside 'More Than Words', 'Woman's World' and 'Wasabi'. Not to mention the outfits, choreo and vocals are all out of this world.

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But it's their performance of 'Wasabi' that's really breaking the internet as the girls drag Piers Morgan with it.

Little Mix drag Piers Morgan with iconic Wasabi intro video on their LM5 Tour
Little Mix drag Piers Morgan with iconic Wasabi intro video on their LM5 Tour. Picture: Joseph Okpako/WireImage, ITV

Anyone who's ever been to a Little Mix concert will already know that the girls go all out on their video interludes. The LM5 Tour alone contains inspirational poetry, feminist quotes and dramatic visuals. However, it's the 'Wasabi' intro that's really turning heads. Alleged journalist and Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan is known to regularly slut shame Little Mix. The girls rarely pay Piers any attention but they're using their 'Wasabi' intro to put Piers in his place.

The intro includes a mash-up of YouTubers and celebrities including Ariana Grande praising Little Mix and other female stars for using their platform to promote body positivity and women empowerment. In and amongst the positive videos though, is a clip from GMB in which Piers says "Little Mix I think you need to make a public apology. If you've got the balls, come on this program and say it to my face" in reference to Jesy calling him a "silly twat" for slut-shaming.

The video then smoothly transitions into Jesy singing: "come and say it to my face" in 'Wasabi'. The music starts and Perrie, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Jesy rise to the stage in elaborate poses before launching into a perfect fan-assisted choreographed rendition of 'Wasabi'.

It's an iconic way of pointing out the irony that Piers doesn't have the guts to slut shame Little Mix to their faces.

Given how vile Piers has been to Little Mix, this response is everything. We continue to stan forever.