Lorde Just Made A GREAT Album But People Won't Stop Asking Her This One Question

10 July 2017, 12:11

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

How are people still asking her this?

In case you've been hiding somewhere for the better part of 2017, you'll know that our Lorde and savior just put out a near perfect album. Almost four years after her debut, Pure Heroine, Lorde released a well-written, super emotional, wonderfully crafted ode to feelings called Melodrama. 

Lorde has embarked on what is sure to be a summer of soundbites to promote the record, but there is something very wrong with the way her latest release has been covered thus far. 

Headline about Lorde and Taylor Swift

Lorde Taylor headline 2

Lorde Swift headlines

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The main problem with these Taylor-centric headlines is that Taylor Swift hasn't just released an album, Lorde has. 

When we reduce Lorde to a member of "Taylor's squad", we are forcing her to constantly address rumors about their friendship instead of talking about her inspirational record. What's even more tragic is the fact that Lorde is a very interesting person with very interesting viewpoints. She deserves to be asked about her work and the way she sees life. 

Imagine spending months writing, recording, and crafting a stunning album, only to be asked about someone else's "squad" once it has been released. 

Lorde Melodrama topic tweet

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Lorde tweet 1

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Unfortunately, Lorde isn't the only one who gets the "squad" treatment. Haim have just released an equally brilliant record and yup, you guessed it, their interviews are all about Taylor Swift. 

Lorde tweet 3

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Interviews are for fans and fans want to know about their favourite artist's influences, beliefs, and creative processes. When an interviewer sits down and asks Lorde or Haim "what it's like to be in Taylor Swift's squad", they're not doing their job. 

We know Taylor Swift is powerful. We know she has influence. And we know that when she finally releases that album of her's, there will be plenty of questions to ask her. But, for now, is there any way we could start asking Lorde about Lorde, Haim about Haim, and artists about their own art?