Lorde Chatted With Her Fans On Tumblr And It Was Cute AF

14 October 2015, 12:56 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

And she revealed the inspiration for a potential new song.

It must be hard for mega-famous artists like Lorde to keep up contact with their fans. Lorde used to be a regular on Tumblr, detailing her thoughts and feeling about life and her crazy journey to superstardom. 

That's been on the back-burner whilst she writes a new album. And let's face it, what would you rather: that your fave artist was spending all day on social media or slaving over your new favourite songs? Exactly.

But we do miss reading her musings. She's got a unique perspective on things which you don't necessarily hear from other popstars. She's neither pretentious or arrogant, just down to earth. We really like that about her.

She hasn't forgotten her fans entirely though. Yesterday whilst on, "a quick weird fun asian holiday (lol)", Ella checked in to Tumblr to see how her fans we're doing and she answered a couple of questions too. Some of which are really sweet. Check them out: 

1) Lorde the comedian?


2) We felt this one is particularly true and applicable to any age. When you see people like Lorde who become super successful at a really young age, it can make you feel a bit inadequate. She's got the right attitude in her response to this fan.


3) Ella gave some confidence-boosting advice for the more curly-haired amongst us. 


4) We're loving that this fan calls her "Mom". And we'd love to hear Ella write song of synesthesia. It's sound wild.


5) Her fans are pretty cute too.


Oh god, we're so excited for the album. SLAY ME, ELLA, SLAY ME GODDAMMIT!!!