Louis Tomlinson fans sent to back of queue after camping overnight for his gig

14 December 2022, 13:02

Louis Tomlinson says he 'used to be in One Direction'

By Katie Louise Smith

Fans who camped out in sub-zero temperatures at Louis' gig in Kingston were sent to the back of the line for not following queueing advice.

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Camping overnight to get to the barricade at the front of a gig for your favourite artist is nothing new, but doing so in sub-zero weather? Not on Banquet Records' watch. And some Louis Tomlinson fans found out the hard way.

On Tuesday night (Dec 13), the Kingston upon Thames record store implemented an entry system for Louis' gig at Pryzm after fans ignored the queueing guidelines and warnings about camping and queueing too early.

Concerned about the freezing temperatures in London, Banquet Records also shared a TikTok three days before the show advising fans to not camp out. There were also clear instructions about queueing guidelines on the ticket.

As a result, those who seemingly ignored the warnings and decided to either camp out or join the queue too early were sent to the back of the line.

After handing out wristbands to those in the queue for Louis' gig, Banquet Records tweeted that they would be giving priority entry to those who followed the instructions on the ticket and joined the queue after 8:00AM.

Those who chose not to follow the instructions were then sent to the back of the queue.

In the tweet, Banquet Records then explained: "Red: people camping/queuing very early. Silver: others who turned up before 8:00. Blue: others in queue at 8:30. We are letting in blue wristbands first, then silver, then red.

"Aware this will upset some but there has to be repercussions for queuing too early."

After an influx of fan comments (some applauding the decision, others claiming it wasn't fair), Banquet Records also reminded fans that all tickets had "clear instructions" that specifically instructed people to avoid queueing before 8:00AM due to their duty of care policy.

"No chance of seeing all the @‘s but, aside from that video, every single ticket had clear instructions that we can’t accept queuing before 8:00," their account wrote. "We have many other shows, oftentimes with children. It’s a duty of care, and done for the right reasons. hope you can all understand."

On a screenshot of the ticket that was sent out to all concert goers, the event information clearly states: "We cannot allow people to sleep overnight in this freezing weather and importantly nor will the police. The gig will not happen if people are queueing in freezing temperatures the night before."

Despite a few comments from disappointed fans, the decision was widely praised on social media with many people saying that all venues need to implement similar entry systems to discourage camping – particularly in dangerous weather.

One user wrote: "This is such a good idea bc i’m sorry there’s no need to put urselves in the position to freeze to death for an artist." Another added: "That’s how it should be at every show,,, if they say don’t camp,,, don’t."

A third person, referring to the multiple warnings that some fans neglected to take into account, simply added: "The “fuck around and find out” of event management."

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