13 Melanie Martinez Lock Screens That'll Give Your Phone The Ultimate Crybaby Glo-Up

12 December 2016, 11:28 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Melanie Martinez Lock Screens
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Aesthetic goals AF.

Sound the alarms, we're back with another round of lock screens for you phones and this time, it's Melanie Martinez everything. All you've gotta do is save the HQ snaps to your camera roll and set it as your background for the ultimate crybaby glo-up!

1) What's better than one Melanie on your lock screen? Seven Melanies on your lock screen.

via absmaryo.tumblr.com

2) Literally just your aesthetic goals on point.

via pinkcakewasheddownwithsoap.tumblr.com

3) Someone gave the Crybaby album a watercolour make-over and we want to look at it every day.

via bittersweetlou.tumblr.com

4) Who wouldn't want to have the actual crybaby with them 24/7?

via natureneon.tumblr.com

5) Or maybe just the Queen herself? 

via @milkandscreens

6) Floral realness.

via @thuglockscreens

7) No... they call ME crybaby!

via crybabysplayground.tumblr.com

8) Treat yourself to some incredible fan art.

via Hette's Art

9) Obsessed!

via ew-lockscreens.tumblr.com

10) Slay me Mel!

via psychoscreen.tumblr.com

11) Seeing as Carousel was literally written about your life, you may as well own it, right?

via disenchanted-lockscreens.tumblr.com

12) Aesthetically pleasing pink fluff and polaroids. Sign me up.

via luckscreens.tumblr.com

13) Or... you can be lock screen twins with your best fren. 



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