13 Times Melanie Martinez Slayed London At Her Debut Show

28 April 2016, 12:13 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

melanie martinez live
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Here's the view from down the front at Melanie's debut UK show.

Fresh from her chat with PopBuzz, Melanie Martinez played her first ever European show in London last night to a sold out crowd of screaming fans and we were there to capture all the action. 



We arrived nice and prompt for the 9 o'clock start at popular gay club/gig venue/glorified underground corridor Heaven, surrounded by mini Melanies in full cosplay, ready to see the "Cry Baby Tour" in all its glory.


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Here's what went down when Melanie hit London.

1) Lights down, much screaming.

2) A band appear dressed as teddy bears. We can't decide if we find this adorable or creepy AF.

3) Melanie pops out of a giant crib-shaped box! Surprise!!!

4) "Cry Baby" kicks in. The whole crowd chants every lyric in unison.

5) A sea of phones lights up the audience. 


Seriously, EVERYONE is recording this to watch again tomorrow.

6) SIDE NOTE: This gig has its own Snapchat filter! How baller is that?!?!

7) "Dollhouse". Wait...is she going to play the whole album in order?

8) "Sippy Cup". Wow, she really is going to play the whole album in order.

9) Melanie says if Donald Trump becomes president, she will move to London. Cue more screams.

melanie martinez merchandise


10) Merch is seriously on point! We already have the album but still quite want a CD copy.

11) "Cake" before the encore. Now we want cake. The lollies available from the toilet attendant for a £1 will have to do.

12) Encore time, "Mad Hatter" to close. Melanie exits.

13) The whole crowd sings Happy Birthday (it's her 21st birthday the next day). She returns to the stage and thanks us all again.


Happy Birthday @littlebodybigheart ! #melaniemartinez #crybaby

A video posted by PopBuzz (@popbuzz) onApr 28, 2016 at 1:49am PDT


It's all very sweet.

And that's about it. Melanie continues her tour of Europe, returning to London for a second sold-out show at the O2 Kentish Town Forum at the end of the month. 


Don't miss out.

melanie martinez snapchat filter