Melanie Martinez Performances From 2015 That’ll Make You Cry, Baby

11 December 2015, 16:07 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Melanie Martinez Live Performances 2015

By Alim Kheraj

If you're anything like us (and we suspect you might be), you'll often be found trawling through YouTube and searching on Google for your faves performing live. 


Also, let's be honest, at this time of year the weather is less Chrimbo and more Grimbo, right? So, instead of going 'outside' (whatever that is), why don't you spend the foreseeable future enjoying these INCRED. Melanie Martinez performances from 2015 that are sure to set your spine ALIGHT. 

So without further rambling, here are some of our fave Melanie Martinez performances from 2015. 

Soap - Live in the Billboard studio.

"Mrs Potato Head" - Live GO 96.3

"Pity Party" - Live in the Billboard studio.

"Dollhouse" - Live @ JBTV

"Dead To Me" - Live @ JBTV

"Carousel" - Live @ JBTV

"Bittersweet Tragedy" - Live @ JBTV 

"Soap" - Live on Conan

And why not have a throwback for good times sake of this amazing performance of Melanie covering Marina and The Diamonds' "Starring Role". 

Melanie you are a queen and we worship you.

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