13 Secret References You (Probably) Didn’t Notice In Melanie Martinez’s Music Videos

2 December 2016, 13:42 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Melanie Martinez
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

How many of these have you caught?

Whenever we get the chance, we like to kick back and explore the world wide web of eagle eyed fans noticing things in Melanie Martinez's videos we’d never even thought twice about.

1) Queen Melanie loves a bit of subtlety.


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2) “Sippy Cup” and “Alphabet Boy” occasionally mirror each other...

3) Pouring stuff into other stuff is an aesthetic we're into...

“Sippy Cup”

“Milk and Cookies

4) Location, location, location...


5) YA’LL ARE SHADY FOR THIS (but, lowkey: yes).


6) You are what you eat. Ice cream dreams everywhere.

Cookies and ice cream comment

7) Ooop, there goes that knife again.

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Knife comment

8) Iconic.


9) Girl, you better work that continuity!

10) *Mind immediately wanders to American Horror Story because it always does*.



11) In the video for 'Mrs. Potato Head' there is a major reference to 'Sippy Cup'.

Diet Pill Melanie Martinez Video

The advert at the beginning is for diet pills, which is a reference to the 'Sippy Cup' line: "Pill diet, pill diet, if they give you a new pill then you will buy it / If they say to kill yourself, then you will try it".


12) And then there's the milk and cookies she eating too.


13) The choice of wig in the 'Mrs. Potato Head' might not be accident either.



Might it, in fact, be a nod to the character in the Pacify Her video? WE. THINK. SO.



Spot any more references in the video? Let us know your conspiracies in the comments.