Melanie Martinez K-12 album: Release date, track list, teasers, news and everything you need to know

18 June 2019, 15:51 | Updated: 18 June 2019, 15:56

Melanie Martinez - New album 2019, rumours, news k-12, release date
Melanie Martinez - New album 2019, rumours, news k-12, release date. Picture: Getty/Mauricio Santana/Stringer/Atlantic

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Melanie Martinez has confirmed the September release date for 'K-12'. Here are all the latest teasers, announcements, and news about the new 2019 Melanie Martinez 'K-12' album.

Melanie Martinez is preparing to release her second studio album, K-12, a follow up to her 2015 LP Cry Baby. Melanie first shared details of her sophomore release back in 2017, tweeting that she was 'finishing up album 2 vocals' in February of that year and detailing plans to release a feature length film alongside the new music.

Following allegations of sexual misconduct made against Melanie by a former friend in December 2017, the singer has been less vocal on social media about her music plans post Cry Baby. In May 2019, however, Melanie began seriously teasing her K-12 project, unveiling visuals and a redesigned website.

So far Melanie Martinez has released four teasers for K-12, announced its release date, released a snippet of new music at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, and shared details about the K-12 film.

Here's everything you need to know about K-12, including release date, track list, film, and more.

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When is the Melanie Martinez K-12 release date?

The release date for Melanie Martinez's K-12 album is September 6, 2019. Melanie confirmed the date in late May 2019, revealing on Instagram Stories that she chose that date because it is around back to school time for students.

In an Instagram stories post, Melanie also teased "back to school" merch.

Melanie Martinez released a snippet of her new music and movie at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on June 17

The MTV awards debuted a snippet of Melanie's new music along with a teaser video from the singer's upcoming film. The mid-tempo clip contains lyrics about a "pink slip", which could be an indication of an upcoming single by that name.

The teaser features the pink bus we've seen in Melanie's other promo as well as some pretty demented looking school scenes. Check out the clip below.

Melanie Martinez K-12 album cover:

Melanie Martinez shared the cover for her upcoming K-12 album. This cover features the same pink bus and palatial building seen on her website.

Melanie Martinez K-12 teasers:

Melanie Martinez has released three teasers for K-12. The first was released in mid-May 2019 and sees her walking into an eerie looking classroom. For the first teaser, Melanie included the caption "when the bell rings you must be in your assigned seat".

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When the bell rings, you must be in your assigned seat...

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A second trailer features Melanie's character at school with two friends as they walk up the stairs. One of them friends complains of stomach pains and a red period blood stain is revealed on her ruffled pink skirt.

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A third teaser trailer for K-12 arrived on May 29, 2019. It features Melanie's character walking the school grounds with another student. The two are smoking and musing out loud about who they must have been in a past life.

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K-12 💗 SEPT 6

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What will K-12 sound like?

Melanie Martinez has described K-12 as "very different, more polished, much more grown" than Cry Baby. She previewed a song at the MTV awards in June which gave fans a first look at what her new music sounds like.

Melanie Martinez k-12 Instagram post
Melanie Martinez k-12 Instagram post. Picture: Melanie Martinez/Instagram

K-12 will include a film that was filmed in Europe.

Last year, Melanie shared updates, including more information about the project she was directing in Europe. This is likely the 90 minute film she has referenced for some time, which will accompany the album.

Seemingly, the film will be centred around a "school" theme, likely with an unsettling twist.

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Melanie on her Instagram story #melaniemartinez

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Melanie described the film as "surrealist/dark comedy/musical".

Melanie Martinez album film
Melanie Martinez album film. Picture: Melanie Martinez/Instagram

Melanie Martinez K-12 track list - How many songs will be on K-12?

Melanie Martinez has confirmed that there will be 13 songs featured on her K-12 album. The singer said in an Instagram q&a that she would not be releasing the track list for K-12 for fear of it leaking.

We'll update you if that changes.

Melanie Martinez will tour K-12

Melanie Martinez confirms she will tour K-12
Melanie Martinez confirms she will tour K-12. Picture: Melanie Martinez/Instagram

What does K-12 mean?

Judging by the teasers Melanie has posted, K-12 refers to the Kindergarten through 12th grade education system in the United States. The album name could be a continuation of Melanie's well known "childhood" motif, especially considering that her first album was called Cry Baby and featured other themes surrounding youth and childhood.