Melanie Martinez Performed Her Songs Acoustically And They're Incredible

25 September 2015, 17:39 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Melanie Martinez Acoustic

By Alim Kheraj

We're cry babies for you Melanie.

Light of our life and literal goddess Melanie Martinez's debut album Cry Baby is only getting better with each listen. We are totally smitten. 

Of course we love the original tracks LOADS (seriously "Soap" is now the low-key soundtrack to our early autumn as well as summer), but we've stumbled across these recent acoustic performances of "Pity Party" and "Soap" and O.M.G. they're incredible. 

Stood in a black room with her signature black and white hair, Martinez looks a delight. Matched just with an electric guitar and a drum box, the performances are full of the singer's signature quirks and aren't boring AT ALL (as acoustic performances can sometimes be).

Seriously, how good is "Soap"?

The things we'd do to have seen this IRL, RIGHT?!


The sessions were part of Jon Chattman's music series, a collection of videos that sees artists and celebs perform songs from any genre and having a good ol' chinwag about their fave tracks. We think it's pretty cool as it's stripped back and totally natural. In fact, Melanie had a chat that you can see here

Before you leave, you should probably check out this performance of "Pity Party", too.