Melanie Martinez On Festival Anxiety: "I Just Need To Chill Out And Smoke Some Weed"

3 August 2016, 17:31 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Melanie opens up about touring, her next album and her latest video shoot in new Vogue interview.

Melanie Martinez, currently in the middle of her epic Cry Baby Tour, chatted to Vogue this month about life on the road, opening up further about her anxiety related to performance.

Melanie Martinez

When asked about her recent set at Panorama festival, Melanie spoke honestly about her struggles in those situations:

I have really bad anxiety after I play and before I play. I just need to chill out and smoke some weed, or watch some cartoons. I’m not really much of a socialite when it comes to hanging out at festivals and stuff like that. But hopefully I’ll get to see a couple people play tomorrow [at Lollapalooza]. Kehlani is a good friend of mine.

Melanie Martinez

When pushed about the difference between nerves and anxiety, Melanie found at least one thing that will always help her calm down - air-con:

I have anxiety all the time—like right now, during interviews. I just need to chill more often, I guess. After Panorama, it was just really hot that day, so I was focused on getting into air-conditioning, really [laughs]. That was the first thought in my mind.

Melanie Martinez

Melanie also chatted about her forthcoming second album, which will explore the town her Cry Baby character lives in, and revealed that we should see her next music video, a double-video for "Milk And Cookies" and "Tag, You're It" within the next couple of weeks post-editing.

Read the full interview with Vogue here. Melanie returns to the UK on tour this November.