Melanie Martinez Posted On Instagram For The First Time Since Rape Allegations

26 March 2018, 10:57

Melanie Martinez
Melanie Martinez. Picture: Melanie Martinez
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Melanie posted her first pictures to Instagram since rape allegations were made against her by Timothy Heller.

Melanie Martinez posted two new photos on Instagram this weekend (24/03). It is the first time the singer has posted on her social media channels since her former friend Timothy Heller made allegations of rape against her, which she has denied.

Melanie has been keeping a low profile since the initial allegations were made in December 2017. Melanie issued two denials against the claims, and said in one statement that Timothy, "never said no to what we chose to do together." Melanie then followed that up with a song, 'Piggyback', in which Melanie alludes to "friends" that took advantage of her to gain their own fame. She doesn't reference Timothy by name.

Over the weekend, Melanie posted two pictures, neither mentioning or alluding to the allegations. The comments were also turned off.

The first image was of Melanie sat with a laptop, presumably working on music, as she captioned the image with: "The boring looking parts of work that are actually the most crucial and time consuming".

The second image (above) features Melanie laying on a sofa in a pair of roller skates. "Love yourself as much as you can because it goes a long way. & remember: real life ain’t on here, it’s right behind your phone", she wrote.

The posts received a mixed reaction on Twitter, where she was either applauded by fans for moving on from the situation or criticised for not addressing the allegations and attempting to continue her career as if nothing happened.

Melanie's record label, Atlantic Records, are yet to release a statement about the allegations and whether they are still intending on releasing another album with her. At present, she is still listed on their website. If Melanie is indeed working on new music, it might be that a new album with Atlantic could still be on the cards.

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