Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth just got married and the pictures are perfect

27 December 2018, 12:30 | Updated: 27 December 2018, 12:37

By Katie Louise Smith

Miley and Liam, who met on the set of The Last Song in 2009, just got married after almost 10 years together.

It's official! Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are married! Like, really married. Actually married. Married married. Literally married - and their wedding pictures are absolutely perfect.

A few days ago, the internet began speculating that Miley and Liam had tied the knot after an Instagram story from their friend Conrad Carr surfaced of what looked like a wedding reception. Miley was in a bridal gown, Liam was in a suit, the guests, including Liam's brothers Chris and Luke, their dad Craig and Miley's mum Tish, were all dressed in casual wear... everyone was doing shots and having a good time surrounded by 'Mr & Mrs' balloons, flowers and a wedding cake.

There were no other pictures or announcements made by anyone in either the Hemsworth or the Cyrus families for a few days following the initial pictures but it's now been confirmed by Miley and Liam themselves on social media with some really really really adorable and intimate pictures of the two at the low-key family ceremony.

Sharing their special day on both Twitter and Instagram, Miley captioned a picture of the two hugging in front of a fireplace with "10 years later..." while Liam captioned his with "My love ❤️".

In case you were wondering, the couple got married on December 23 (as per Miley's Instagram). According to, they were married at their home in Franklin, Tennessee. And Miley wore a Vivienne Westwood bridal dress.

Of course, the internet is in absolute bits over the news. Miley and Liam (who met almost 10 years ago when they were just teenagers on the set of The Last Song) got engaged, broke up and began dating other people but still remained friends. Two years ago, they found their way back to each other and now... well... now they're married and everyone is crying about it.

I'm not crying... YOU ARE. Congrats to our new favourite Hemsworth couple x